Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Priddis Valley Gardens

Today I went to see my friend Kelly who owns Priddis Valley Gardens. She has so many amazing and beautiful flowers and plants this year for sale. This is just a sample of some of her flowers that she has for sale. She is located just off of Hwy 22 in Priddis Alberta. Why not go out and pay her a visit or call her at 403-931-1817. Her gardens are so worth the visit!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bird Watcher!

On May 13Th I posted a photo of momma bird sitting on 4 eggs. The Robins had built a nest right above our light by our front door, thinking that they would be safe from all harm.
Well it didn't take long for those nasty crows to find the nest and steal their eggs, one by one. And I was worried about my cats getting the birds. Nature has its ways I guess! I really don't think that the robins went to far because they are always in my yard, eating at our mountain ash tree in the back yard. Now I am a real bird watcher as I love them. I put up a humming bird feeder again and changed the nectar in the feeder just a few days ago but still this year they have not returned. And I am kind of sad not to see them. My blue jays flew away and will come back more than likely late in the summer. But I still have tons of Chickadee's and I love hearing them sing along with the Robins. So I just wanted to share a few photos with you today! I would love to hear back comments from some of you that visit my blog, so please take the time to click on the comment section and share some of your thoughts with all of my readers who take time out to come and visit my blog. Linda

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Calgary Wedding Photographer

Up at the Alter, the Church had nice large windows and the horses roamed the grounds all around the Church, just when they were lighting their candle together the horses came up to the windows, it was almost like they were peaking in to see what's going on. Coming down the isle Jim stopped to dip his wife with a kiss and they had people bending over in the isles too to see what was going on. They were just beaming coming down that isle, even though it was raining they were smiling! So in love, who cares what its doing out side because inside they were dry and happy and its a wonderful day to celebrate the marriage of Jim and Deb!

She was suppose to arrive in a horse drawn carriage up to the church but with a cheerful smile she arrived in a SUV!

Wedding Photographer Calgary

The Cabin were Deb was getting ready was really dark and it had very little lighting and small windows. But we managed to get her dressed with the help of her friend Vickie. I took photos of her just in the door way with the door open to get some natural light and she just looked so beautiful.

Calgary Wedding Photographer

On Saturday I had the opportunity to photograph another wedding, and I thought is it ever going to stop raining. But it didn't, it just continued to pour more rain and more rain! My poor couple had this gorgeous setting for a romantic wedding called Rafter Six Ranch outside of Calgary and just before Canmore Alberta. Normally this place has the most awesome views of the mountains but not that day. You were lucky if you could see the white peaks of them.
To capture this moment I was standing on the church steps waiting for my bride to arrive with an umbrella over my head so I would not get wet, it was more my camera that I was worried about and not me. When I left my house that morning I had such a nice hairdo, but by this time I looked more like a drowned rat! Oh well at the least the camera didn't get wet! And through out the day I was able to get some great photos of the wedding. They say if it rains on your wedding it is suppose to be good luck! Well everyone was wishing the couple alot of good luck!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Calgary Wedding Photographer

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing a very romantic couple. Not once did I have to tell Justin to kiss his bride Kealy! They were so much fun and we really had a wonderful day! I wanted to do something different to be a little more artistic and they were willing to do almost anything to get a great shot. Well I have so many awesome photos of them that I can't wait to show them everything! Have a great honeymoon Justin & Kealy, see you when you get back!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Robin's will build nest's anywhere!

After being away on holidays for 2 weeks we come home to find that we have a new family of Robin's. You would think that my son's being home and them collecting the mail and newspaper from the mailbox that they would have seen this and stopped them from building a nest right outside our front door. Instead they are as blind as bats!!!
Now I am going to have to warn everyone that comes over that we now have a family that likes to swoop at you! Makes matter worse is I have 2 cats and they are not even afraid of them!
So now I am on my guard all the time when I go to the front door that the girls don't get outside.
Noel just sits and watches them for hours and every once in a while she will meow and shake her tail if she sees the momma bird fly off!

So look out everyone when you come over to my house to visit with me as they try to scare everyone off the front steps!

Viva Las Vegas

It's our last day here, and Paul and I went walking the strip again so that I could take more photos. I was just itching to use my new lens, so that I could reach places that I couldn't get before. Here are some of the photos that you needed to look way up and far away and I could pull them in with my lens. Look out couples when I get home I am so going to have fun with it on my shoots.
All in all we had a nice holiday, the weather in Vegas was sunny and warm, hated to go home.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Watch for more Vegas to come!

Ok I am tired now, but the trip was well worth it! Nice weather sure beets what we are having here. Will post some more tomorrow for all to see! Vegas the City that never sleeps! Always something different to see everytime you go! You don't have to gamble to have a good time in Vegas!

On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again!

Yea Viva Las Vegas!!!!!

Shooting through the window again!

We are now on our way to Sedona Arizona, what a beautiful part of the country! I fell in love with this city, its breath taking! We stopped here to visit a tourist area, and get some maps, and housing information. This would be a beautiful place to live in retirement!

Coconino National Forest

Ok we are now travelling along in Arizona and we love mountain passes because they are so beautiful to see. Now Arizona is not all Cactuses and desert, it has beautiful parts too like this Coconino National Park, here we are traveling up the mountain over 6000 feet elevation, and me I have said it before I am s--- scared of heights. We travelled up this long and windy road and there were no gaurd rails and in some areas it freaked me out because of a sudden drop! We stopped at Oak Creek Canyon area to take a few more photos. Thanking that husband of mine for stopping for me this time, it was so worth seeing. The view is amazing!

Phoenix International Raceway

My Husband the Nascar Nut! We had to drive to see the Race Track. After that we had to go and buy him a new outfit too. He has many caps, jackets, T-shirts etc. Well I guess I shouldn't complain because women can never have too many shoes or purses!!!!


We are now in Arizona and I wanted to get close to some cactus, I have never seen so many in my life, and some of them tower over you but just don't touch them as they do hurt.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hover damn

It was tough trying to stop somewhere just so I could get a photo, there were so many people everywhere, but I tried way up top of the mountain to look down to get this one. Paul said that the water is over 1000 feet deep. It looks very cold.


They put up this monument for all the men that lost their lives building the Hover Damn. People walk by and rub and kiss the feet. The feet are so shinny as millions of people stop and pay their respects!

Crane Operator

I couldn't even imagine what they would pay this brave man. I would be so passed out cold! He sits in that little box working this crane, brave very brave!

Hover damn

They have stopped trucks from going through Hover Damn and are building a new highway way above the damn. Now everyone knows that I am afraid of heights and this one was all I could do to take it. It was so windy out that I swear it could blow me over. To get this image I had to lean against my car and balance my lens on my mirror and pray that it turned out. This project has been in the works now for 4 years and will be another 4 years before its finished. They had people working right at the bottom of the bridge and hanging by security wires, now they would get me to do that for no amount of money, these are brave men building this bridge.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Siena Suites Las Vegas

The next time you come to Las Vegas, why not give Siena Suites a try. Whether you are staying one night or one week or a extended stay this is a nice clean and friendly place. Siena Suites is located at 6555 Boulder Highway Las Vegas, NV 89122 Phone 702-648-2100.

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