Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Family Photography......|Calgary's Family Photographer, A Photo Moment

Is Company coming for the holiday season? Are you having extended family and get together's? Then here is a fun thing to do why not have a family portrait session? Easy and fun around your Christmas tree. We have some portrait sessions available December 27, 28 and 31st. Call me and we can set up a time for your family fun time! Need a gift idea? Why not give a portrait session, we now have gift certificates in any amount with no expiry date. These portrait sessions are good for the City of Calgary and surrounding small towns with in a 20 Kilo's. Make someone happy with a gift certificate, A Photo Moment, lasting a life time. Call 403-280-8868 and schedule your family fun time even if its just the grandkids or your kids, how about just mom and dad! Call today!

Plexus Lean.......|| Call Linda get your's today!

Achieve your nutritional goals with the help of Plexus Lean ™ Life is busy and eating healthy isn’t easy. That’s why we created Lean, ...