Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Knotty Nana's Creations........||Photography by Linda Calgary

Recently I met a very talented artist by the name of Lesley. Lesley created some very interesting pieces for my bride for her reception. Lesley puts her talent into each and every piece she makes. She is very earthy and uses recycled just about everything she can think of to save the world!
Today I would like to feature some of her very fine artwork for you.

Out of  jars, bottles, jugs, the skies the limit she says! You can even send her your photos and she can create magic. If you are having a wedding, or a birthday party or even a memorial no matter what the occasion she does her magic. Her pricing starts at just $10 for a pint sized jar and flame less candles and goes up from there. Better yet purchase 2 items and you save money!

Lesley Feldman (Artist)
Is located in Manitoba, 204.526.5437
or email her at knottynanascreations@gmail.com

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