Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh yea I have been bad, not posting anything for a while. My baby brother came into town for a week and he kept me busy entertaining him. We were running all over the place with his job. He works for Snap on Tools and if I wanted to visit I had to go with him on some of his sites. Now I found it pretty boring to just sit in his truck while he had to work but at least we got to visit. I was able to take him to one of my favorite spots for lunch, Saskatoon Berry Farm. All in all we had a good visit and I was sad to put him back on the plane this morning for Toronto. One week sure fly's by. We had pretty crummy weather here, while he was here and wouldn't you know it on his last day the sun comes out and it warms up.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My little Sparrows

The last thing I did was fill up my bird feeders on Thursday, because I knew that we were going to get snow the next day and that there would be lots of it and I didn't want to go stomping through it to get to the bird feeders. These little guys fight to get to the feeder and its funny to watch them. But while they are at they drop seeds down below for someone else. My squirrel that comes every day several times a day looking for food. Well as you can see he sure is not afraid to dig for the seeds. I sure am loving that long lens that I got because to get these photos I didn't even have to leave my house. I just photographed these little creatures through my kitchen window. I am loving that lens!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Calgary Wedding Photographer

But again another rotten storm out, sure spoils all of my fun. Tomorrow I was suppose to go on an E-Session with a real sweat couple, I have been looking forward to it all month, but what do we get more of this stuff, sure puts a damper on things. There are not very many indoor locations to shoot here in Calgary, and if there are they want a fortune to photograph in. Everything cost so much here and sometimes its just not fair to the poor bride and groom because they are the ones paying for everything!
But that was yesterday, today we got hit with yet another winter storm. And I thought that this was suppose to be spring!!!!! How can this be all this white stuff.
She likes to dig holes in my grass too looking for bugs, bugs are ok, but I will not let her go after birds!
She should have been a boy because she has a lot of courage, here she is doing her strut that she likes, miss toughie! She acts touch, but she is a real scaredy cat!

Cats will be cats

This is Noel, she loves to come outside with me and she always stays in the yard so I don't have to tie her up. But she hates posing for the camera, so I just have to get what I can get of her.
Here she is rolling around on the payment just being her, while I am raking the grass.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Went in to visit my friend Chris, but he wasn't there! He has the greatest staff working for him!
Chris I just wanted to tell you that I get the greatest respect everytime I go into your store!
Just got to love them!!!!

Calgary Family Photographer

More birds!

So I got home and set up my tripod to capture some of life's lovely singing creatures in my bird feeders. They must have known I was there because I waited and waited and waited. Got my chance and presto their gone as fast as they landed.

Well I heard we had Swans down at the lake and I wanted to try out my lens on some wild life so off I went down to the lake to try to capture some of these creatures, but to no avail there were no swans so I had to settle for these. Even though I have a long lens on my camera it was hard to get close to them. They would look at you flap their wings and take off. Oh well I was lucky to get these.

Calgary Wedding Photographer

So the tree's are finally starting to bud but I hear we are expecting more of the white stuff this weekend. Really tired of the white stuff want to see flowers.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Calgary Family Photographer

My two little girls are never too far from me. I spend long hours on my computer and they stay with me, now while I am working they are sleeping! I couldn't help taking this photo to share with all of you!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Calgary Family Photographer

It's always sad to see your family go home to Winnipeg, sometimes one week just isn't long enough. But it was a good week, I took them to alot of places. Today we went out to Elbow Falls, what a beautiful day it was, sunny and warm. Nice treat there were alot of people out there today and it was hard to get some photos in some of my favorite spots, but I made do with what I got. They didn't want to go home either but their plane left at 9 tonight and they are not having such good weather as us! I remember 11 years ago this month when my husband and sons and I came to Calgary to look for a home. We were transferred in from Winnipeg and only here for one week but what a week it was. We were wearing T-shirts, the sun was always shinning here. On the drive back to Winnipeg we hit a storm just after we crossed the Manitoba boarder and it shut down the Trans Canada Hwy. We were stranded in Brandon Manitoba and were lucky enough to get the last hotel room in that hotel. There were long line ups and I felt sorry for the people who could not get a room. Brandon had to set up a shelter for all the stranded people. When we got home you couldn't even see our front door as it was piled high with snow. That had to be the worst freak storm for Manitoba, that year it flooded homes, but we missed it as they moved us here in June 97. Manitoba has always gotten alot of snow and really cold winters, but you sure cannot beat their summers!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Oh how can this be? Today is April the 10th and yet again we woke up to this, this morning. This crippled our city because they don't plow here, not enough of anything here, not in the budget for snow. WAIT 5 MINUTES AND IT WILL GO AWAY!!!! Yea right! By Saturday its suppose to be going up to 20C in our fair city and then it will be a real sloppy mess.
One thing is for sure, we do need the moisture but we sure are sick of snow, I would rather have rain. Didn't someone say April showers brings May Flowers????

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Calgary Family Photographer

So my family is in from Winnipeg for a week and I couldn't resist taking them out to the berry farm for lunch. Well just had to bring my camera along because you know I just can't leave it at home. We had some nice weather yesterday and I had them sitting on a rock overlooking the Saskatoon bushes. It is so peaceful out there and the air is so clean and crisp.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Calgary Wedding Photographer

This is my friend Claire, she too likes being on the other side of the camera, isn't it funny how we photographers don't like having our photos taken but love being on the other side of the lens.
Claire is a great person and a talented photographer. She too loves weddings as much as I do.

My friend Sam

I meet a new friend Sam and she shoots Nikon!!! Yea the best camera's are Nikon we rule!!!
Just can't help how I feel about Nikon, they simply in my books are the best camera's!
Sam is assisting and shooting this year with my friend and fellow photographer Claire!

My Friend Leah

This is my friend Leah of Leah loves taking photos of children check out her website. I have the pleasure of mentoring Leah, she joined PPOC (professional photographers of Canada) and ask me to be her sponsor mentor. Leah and I went out shooting on Saturday with each other over to my lake and then over to fish creek park and met up with some other photographers to learn from each other! You can never learn too much!
This is Jeff and Shelley with their new addition to their family Guinness! There is so much love here and Guinness was saved from a Shelter and has so much love already!

Calgary Family Photographer

This is my dear friend Shelley with her new puppy Guinness, Shelley is like me would rather be on the other side of the camera instead of the picture. But anyone who knows Shelley knows what a wonderful person she is and is hard to resist taking photos of.

Calgary Wedding Photographer

On Saturday I posted a photo of snow that we woke up to and I said wait 5 minutes and it might go away. Well Saturday afternoon a group of us photographers went out and shot some photos and learned from each other something different. We had a great time, this is Shelley with her new puppy. We had them model for us in some tall grass down at Fish Creek Park.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Calgary Wedding Photographer

One of the things that you have to get used to living here in Calgary is snow!!! You never know when you are going to get dumped on. We have gotten snow in July and August. And you just better get used to shooting in this. When it rains I tell my clients wait 5 minutes and it usually stops. I have a photo shoot this afternoon starting at 1pm in this so I am hoping that the sun might come out and it not be so cloudy. We went from a nice sunny day yesterday to this, this morning! Now it is going to make things a little wet you adjust when you are an enviromental photographer.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

When you go there you just don't know what you might find. I had fun with these guys today taking their photos. My but didn't they pose nice for me. I got so close to them and they didn't run away! Just don't put your hand out to them then they do a little dance for you.
Stop by and see this great out of town place. Better yet visit them at
1-800-463-2113 or 403-938-6245.

The Saskatoon Farm

My Friend Tina and I took a drive out to our favorite place, The Saskatoon Farm in DeWinton, AB.

Not only do they have the best home cooked food in town the deserts (Lemon Cake) is to die for!!! Bring your wallet as they have much to see and the awesome stuff you can buy there.

All kinds of plants and trees that you can buy plus nick knacks for your garden. Love the Nick Knacks!!! Here the pussy willows are blooming so you know that spring is here!

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