Sunday, February 21, 2016

Calgary Photographer.....|| Photography by Linda

It's been a long time since I posted something on my blog, isn't it strange how time just fly's by?
Then all of a sudden it catches up with you!
Where have I been, well lets see besides giving back to my community, I have been able to travel a little.  Looking forward to this years print competition held in Vancouver in March,  I have come up with 4 images to enter from my travels! Choosing a name for these images was most difficult as they must be catchy and to the point of the image.

This image taken a few years ago while I was visiting Mexico a beautiful resort in Cancun, I called it
"The Art of Stained Glass"!

This image was taken in a beautiful park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and I called this image
"What are you looking at"!

This image was taken at Yellowstone National Park in the USA a fabulous country to visit, wouldn't mind going back there again as there is much to see in this National Park!
I called this image "Blowing off Steam"!

And this last image I got up in the morning just as the sun was starting to rise and went for a stroll in the sand. This image was taken in Cabo San Lucas on the beach and I called this image.
"Footsteps in the Sand"!

How I will do in print comp this year well only the judges will decide. Judging takes Place in Vancouver on March 4 and 5th  2016.  I hope that the judges will be kind to me this year and accept at least one of images! I will keep you posted!

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