Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lake Bonavista Wedding Photograher

Kerri and Mike your sneak peak is up, well just a teaser of what is to come.
Congratulations to this couple. It was a little chilly and windy out at the lake but we managed to have fun and stay warm.

Friday, August 20, 2010

She has the happiest smile! She finally married the man of her dreams, the one she laughs with, shares with, and now lives with! Congratulations Kendra! Keep posted as I have some amazing photos of the bride and groom coming soon!

Calgary Wedding Photography

Ok I have never just posted just the bride and not the groom, but with Kendra I can't help it!
Not only is she a very loving person for real, she is so sweet and kind. Her smile is contagious and when she laughs she laughs from the heart. Yes Kendra got married and I was so lucky that she choose me as her photographer. I had a little help from some dear friends of mine Keith and Joan who came out and helped me photograph and light the happy couple.
Only today I am not going to show off the groom, well at least not yet. I have more of this beautiful stunning bride Kendra!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shrine Centre Weddings Calgary

Megan and Tyler were married July 30, of this year, this fantastic couple were so much fun to work with. Megan is so photogenic and Tyler is a blast with his expressions! Janice and I started out photographing them getting ready for their big day with Janice going over to the grooms house and me photographing Megan, I had wondered which one of us had the most fun! We sure got alot of smiles and didn't even have to ask them to look at the camera or smile at us!
Janice and I both met up at the Shrine Centre where Megan and Tyler got married under the gazebo on a hot sunny day. There were tears as Megan was walking down the isle, not only was Tyler crying so was I, but I was repaired as I stuffed my something with tissue so I could wipe my eyes. After the ceremony they danced down the isle that was a blast and everyone was enjoying that, they really got into their dance and Janice just kept shooting away to our delight!
It had started to rain but we went under the entrance of the Shrine Centre and photographed them and the wedding party with the two great cars, a mustang convertible and the pace car, what a fun time we had with those two awesome cars. I don't know which one I like better, yes I do the mustang!!! We then headed over to Baker Park after it stopped raining and I had about 45 minutes with the couple and their wedding party to take photos. We worked them hard and I have to thank Tyler's Dad Robert because not only was he holding and hauling all my gear he also helped himself to my camera with photos, he got some amazing shots of the couple while I was posing them and fluffing Megan's dress. THANKS ROBERT!
Here are just some of the photos of their day but I have more to come so stay tuned!

Calgary Wedding Photographer

Soon to hit the blog, Kendra and Callum! Congratulations to this happy couple!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Calgary engagement wedding photographer

Congratulations Cheryl and Andrew, I would like to wish you many happy years together!

Calgary Photographer

Calgary wedding photographer

On a hot Saturday afternoon Cheryl and Andrew were married in St. Steven's Church! The happy couple were met by family and friends with a spray of bubbles to congratulate them as they came out of the church.
We then rushed off to McDougal Centre for photos, we were very lucky to get the front arches and steps for their photos. Off by limo we then headed for McKenzie town and hooked up with the roman arches, in the bright hot sun for some wedding party and fun shots. To cool them off I took them down to the water fountains, where they were congratulated by young children who wanted to come up and tell Cheryl how beautiful she was!
We ended up with dancing in the water fountain but they didn't get wet, but it sure was much cooler by the water.

Wedding Photographer in Calgary

Coming soon Lisa and Craig's romantic wedding story!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Photographer in Calgary

Jenn and Brodie met at South Centre Mall, they both worked in different stores. They soon became a couple. I had the pleasure of meeting Jenn a few years back as I got to know her father John who is a fellow photographer friend of mine. I was honored when Jenn asked me to take her wedding photos. I tagged along with her dad to photograph their engagement session last year, just for the fun of it and got some amazing photos of the two of them, with one of them now hanging on my wall for all those to see. I soon saw how much Jenn and Brodie loved each other!
I met up with Jenn and the girls at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino to photograph the very beautiful Jenn getting ready. From there we headed over to my lake in Lake Bonavista to photograph Jenn and Brodie, here is where he saw his bride for the first time in her wedding dress as we photographed the bride and groom and the wedding party ahead of the ceremony!
From the Lake to the Calgary Zoo where the ceremony took place we met up with Nomi Whalen the JP who performed the ceremony. Many tears were flowing!
Jenn and Brodie's beautiful flowers were by Wild about Flowers.

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