Saturday, May 30, 2009

So some of us ladies are going out shooting tomorrow and we are all shooting for an accreditation!
Now we don't care which one as long as we get one. Can you guess which accreditation that I am going to try for? Our deadline to get the images into PPOC "Professional Photographers of Canada" is July 15th. Yep I am starting early to get this one done.

So can you guess what accreditation that I am going for? To all my photographer friends that look at my blog, help me out in picking some prints please.

Yep strolling over to my neighbours house I decided, I was going to go into their back yard and help my self to some picture taking, now they are a retired couple whom I adore and they were home at the time. Just watching me take all these images. Condition is that I must send them some pictures of what I have taken. Well it didn't take them long to pitch in and help me choose some to take. While the bees are buzzing around and the spiders are crawling yuck!

Another Accreditation

I really love this time of year when all the trees start to bud, the flowers bloom and yes even dandelions look good close up! Well the other day I decided that I was going to try for another accreditation and see what I get. So I headed out of the house into the back yard with my camera and my 105 macro lens, no flash and not shot on "P" for professional! Yes Manual, and using just available light!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another Print hanging in print comp!

Fields of Dreams, Alicia and Kevin's wedding taken last year in a canola field, I would like to thank my friend Shelley for helping pick out a name for this image and for helping me with a textured finish.

PPOC's National Photographers Convention

"A time gone bye" this old truck got selected to hang in the 2009 print competition for the Professional Photographers of Canada being held in Regina, Sask. Last year with my Tina, we were travelling on a shopping spree in the beautiful state of Montana when I yelled out to her
"STOP THE CAR" she hits the brakes as she thought something had happened, I opened the door and ran up the hill to where these old cars were sitting and photographed this old truck.
Mind you it looks a whole lot better in my photo than it did in real life. The joys of Photoshop!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Calgary Wedding Photographer

Anniversary wishes are going out to this happy couple Eric & Cheryl, happy 2 years my friends, wishing you many more happy years and good health to the both of you. Love Linda!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wedding Invitations by International Artcraft

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Calgary Engagement Photographer

Denise and Robin are getting married this July, we did their e-session on Wednesday, windy Wednesday. Yes it was a nice day but really windy. I think we walked about 2 kilo's shooting their session in as many places as I could find with little wind. They brought their cute little dog Spirit with them and I couldn't believe how well behaved she was. She would just sit and pose pretty for you while you photographed her, but call her name and she would come running.
Her eyes light up when you say treats! Well Robin's eye light up too when ever he looked at Denise.
I asked them to dance while I sang some music, they were so wrapped up in each other, I don't even think they heard the bad notes I was singing! They are having a Cinderella themed wedding so I will have to put my thinking cap on and come up with some good ideas for photo's!
Best of luck to the both of you

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams that is what I named this image. Kevin and Alica got married last year and we found this canola field to take photos in. I was more worried about her dress getting yellow from the canola than she was. They are a real sweet couple and I love them! Wishing you 2 all the best of happiness! So this is my last image for print comp we are only allow to enter 4 per year.
Do you think that this one will hang, I welcome your feed back!

A Lovers Kiss

I am such a romantic bug! That's my motto Creating Images to Last a Lifetime. I had the pleasure of photographing Darrin and Honey, their engagement session. This is a real loving couple and I would have loved to photograph their wedding, but they are getting married on a destination wedding and to take me along was not in their budget for photography. But I wish them well and I do hope that they have a beautiful wedding where ever they decide that will be.
I have named this image A Lovers Kiss for print comp, now I am wondering will this image hang, will I receive merits for this print? I welcome your feed back don't be shy, leave me a reply.

Car found in Montana

I love the State of Montana, it is so pretty! And the people there are real friendly, God Bless America for I love that country! Last year I was going on a shopping spree with my Friend Tina.
We were driving slow around a lake and I spotted some old cars! "Tina hit the breaks", she freaked as she thought something was wrong, I opened the door and ran up the hill to where these old cars were sitting. They had for sale signs on them. Now I really love old things, and these old cars intrigued me to photograph them. I was thinking in my head hmmm print comp. for the nationals, I am always thinking print comp! But after photographing these cars I didn't think anything of it and we kept on going to our destination because we girls like to shop til we drop, go figure! Well now I am desperate to find one more photo for print comp and as I am searching through thousands of files I found this one. I wanted to create that real old painted look.
My husband Paul said to me Linda do you see what's in the window of that old car? "WHAT"
So I blew up the picture to take a closer look at the window and to my surprise, it looks like a skeleton face! Does it to you?? Well I wonder how this one will do with the judges! Will it hang, will I receive merits for this image. Stay tuned as the nationals are being judged on May 21 and 22 this month. By the way I named this one A time gone bye!

PPOC's 2009 Print Comp!

You know it's really hard trying to pick prints for the nationals. This is my friend Shelley, I photographed her when we were in Mexico this January. Now the sky wasn't really this full of clouds, to ad drama to this image, I put in the clouds from another friend of mine named Shelley, how bad is that 2 Shelley's you just have to love them. It was a really sunny day and Shelley (in the picture) was modeling for me, with not a cloud in the sky just plenty of sunshine that day. Now I am always taking pictures of clouds because clouds talk, or when you look at them long enough they look like they have something to say!
I wanted to beef up this image for Print comp. Print comp has gotten away from just being a photograph and has gone on to be something out of your imagination! Like a fairy tale, make believe, so I made believe that we had clouds for a more dramatic effect. What do you think!
I am open to comments.

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