Sunday, March 21, 2010

PPOC, Professional Photographers of Canada

Once again its convention time and time to enter in the print comp. I am looking for some help in naming my images, that's always a hard one, so I welcome ideas!
The group image I have named "Strike a Pose"
The Dogs "Faithful Friends"
The Bride "Blushing Bride"
The Deer "A Meadow Stroll"

Please feel free to leave comments for names!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PPOC, Professional Photographers of Canada

I have been a long time member of the Professional Photographers of Canada, and loving every minute of it! We have our 2010 convention coming up very soon and I am busy trying to put together images for print competition. Not only that but I have been busy putting together a few more accreditation's, these accreditation's will be judged very soon by my piers which I look up to.
I am looking forward to winning more print merits at this years convention. So stay tuned I will be posting some soon for all those to view!

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